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The National Marketing Influencers Observatory, founded by Matteo Pogliani, has just published “The role of TikTok vis-à-vis influencers and creators”. We are talking about a report focusing on TikTok, the new social network which, in a very short time, has managed to become a serious competitor for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, doubling Snapchat results and turning into young people’s preferred choice when it comes to creating contents and communicating. The report main subject is the relationship between creators and the social network in Italy.

Differently from what we may think, TikTok users’ average age is 34, i.e. they are seven years younger than competitors’ typical users. Three users out of ten are instead aged between 16 and 24. There are no 12 year-olds, then.

The hot topics are not the latest news but videogames and beauty. Like instagrammers,  tiktokers use the platform to search for new brands. 45% of users are interested in brands, against 33% of the other social media audience. Moreover, they care about their privacy and are really annoyed by invasive advertising which gets blocked thanks to several ad-blocking instruments.

The names of  TikTok influencers are almost unknown to most people, especially to those over 40, but they are extremely famous among tiktokers. These guys have managed to attract followers thanks to their creativity in video making and their ability in gathering a community of fans who are ready to follow them and to interact with them. And they are really, really young. Like Marco Cellucci: 17 years old and with over 7 million followers. Marta Losito is even younger: she is only 16 and she can boast 3,3 million followers, with a steady increase of 100 thousand followers per month and an engagement rate of 6,27%: an impressive result which may rival the ones achieved by several expert influencers and social media managers. Impressive  but not as impressive as Gianmarco Rottaro’s 11% engagement rate  (he is 20 and features 1,7 million  followers) or Er Gennaro’s amazing 29% (18 years old with 2,6 million followers).

Brands are then expected to be able to come up with a specific  profile of the average tiktoker to try and catch their attention and loyalty. To do so they need to be sensible. No pressing advertising, no lies. TikTok users may be young and permanently online, but they are also cautious despite the fact they use the social network nonchalantly, since they feel at home there and they know how to use it both as a source of entertainment, a way to keep in touch with their peers but also as a precious tool to gather information about their favorite products.

Last but not least,  tiktokers have some goals: self-improvement and making the most of any situation.  Marketers’ mission is clear, now: having  a clear picture of the audience and act accordingly.

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Aldo Agostinelli