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Amazon has recently joined a really peculiar club, the “trillions club”, which is so exclusive that  it boasts only two members: the retailing giant, as said, and Apple, which was the first to reach such an ambitious goal. If you want to be admitted into the club you need to accrue one thousand billion dollars capital. And Bezos’ creature reached this amazing target on September 4th, when his shares rocketed up to 2.050,27 dollars (Here’s how Amazon’s $1 trillion market cap stacks up against the rest of the S&P 500).

Amazon is clearly expanding and is considered a safe bet for investors. But it would be a mistake not to keep an eye on all the other players, such as  Shopify (NYSE: Shop), Square (NYSE: SQ) and GrubHub (NYSE: Grub), three fast-growing companies which are expected to become really profitable in the medium-long term.

The first is a one-step virtual office dedicated to people who wish to set up an e-commerce business: they promise to assist customers from the design stage to the management of online shops, deliveries, marketing campaigns and performance analysis. Furthermore, it offers marketers cash advances through Shopify Capital. This year it has already recorded  in increase of +62% in the quarterly revenues, and of 53% compared to 2017 (Forget Amazon: Watch These 3 Digital Retail Companies Instead).

GrabHub is a US online food delivery service. In 2017 they signed an agreement with TripAdvisor, so that consumers are also allowed to place their orders directly from the web pages of restaurants listed in the review portal (You Can Now Order Delivery From GrubHub Restaurants Through TripAdvisor). In March 2018, instead, they purchased Uber in South-east Asia, taking over Uber Eat. Currently, in the USA, GrubHub services, include their own branded app, Seamless, Eat24, MenuPages, Allmenus and DiningIn, and control about half of the overall food delivery business.

Last quarter, the company recorded in increase of + 51% in their revenues, an increase of + 35% in the daily orders and an increase of + 70% of active users. According to financial analysts by the end of this year their Gaap and non-Gaap revenues will have increased respectively by 44% and 59%.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Square, a business based in San Francisco dealing with financial services and mobile payments. Their activities are cloud based and include the management of salaries, inventories and Crm, and the issuance of loans to marketers through Square Capital. Thier app, named Square Cash is one of the most popular P2P apps in the US and allows users to also buy and sell bitcoins (You Can Now Trade Bitcoin Using Square’s Cash App).
Experts have forecast that in 2018 their revenue will increase by 57% and that retained earning brought forward will increase from 56% to 70%.
It is quite obvious that there are further opportunities to evaluate in addition to Amazon  for expert investors who are willing to take some risks ,

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