Aldo Agostinelli

Who talks about the digital world cannot but go digital, as well. And this is why, after the success of the paper version , People are media is now available both as a Kindle ebook   and in English.

What is People are media about? The future. More precisely, what the future is going to be like. And it seems it will be multifaceted but definitely digital.

Digital technology is, indeed, part of our everyday life. And we are a fundamental part of it. We could even say that we are the digital world: we develop, transform, and use it. “How” we do it is part of the journey that makes us discover our today and tomorrow, a journey along which a computer is all you need to build different, alternative realities to be explored.

To get a better feeling of this, you can surf the net: once, news were given by papers. Today, news may be published by even a young boy on his social network pages, or may be spread by a blog like mine. Once, you needed a well organized structure, such as a shop or a stall at an open air market if you wanted to sell something, nowadays you just need to grab your laptop pc, your tablet or smartphone and you will be done with it.

The truth is that, often, we don’t realize that, in addition to being digital citizens, we are actually digital entities ourselves, we are the new media, the creators and protagonists of a brand new world.  And while we move around this world, which is actually our daily stage, we leave a lot of tracks behind, an endless line of Tom Thumb’s crumbs which contain a huge quantity of data thanks to which we are no longer private individuals but we exist as “public beings”, buyers and goods at the same time.

Together with Silvio Meazza, founder of di MC&Saatchi, we have decided to set off on a travel across this ever-changing universe to analyze the most important instruments which have been made available to us – from online stores to chats, from social media to marketing – and find out how they have revolutionized our existences and how they will shape them in the years to come.  

Every chapter we have written is divided as follows: how we have been modified by the digital news society, how companies have changed driven by new technological instruments, how we are expected to evolve following new fades and new technologies, what companies may do to better exploit such technologies and avoid risking to be blown away. While writing we have also found out many new things and cast light on the darkest corners of this world.

Nevertheless, “People are media” is not a tech-geek manual.  It is a precious aid for those who wish to look at the world with different eyes, to be able to face it and face a future which is actually already here. No need to fight it, we’d better know how to handle it.

You can buy our book here ; let me know what you think of it by tweeting @agostinellialdo

Aldo Agostinelli