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In the space of just a few years, we’ve being constantly connected has become the norm: most people are never without their mobile phone, meaning they can shop and get information whenever they like.

In other words, we’re mobile addicted. And it’s certain that the mobile market is still growing and will continue to change and innovate. Read it in Italian.

The latest research from comScore confirms that Italians are using mobile more and more. The report notes that for the first time the web access via mobile has surpassed access via desktop. These figures are based on 37.3 million users analysed by comScore; 9.3 million of these users started that they prefer mobile (smartphone or tablet) to desktop.

It’s interesting to note that, today, smartphones are actually more widely used than computers because not everybody own a laptop or PC, but most probably own a mobile device.

It’s also interesting to consider how much time is spent on mobile devices. Tomshw found that two out of every three minutes spend online is via mobile device. So if someone is online, they are more likely than not to be browsing via mobile.

As the mobile universe is immense, brands should be doing all they can to improve mobile presence, making it as best they can. Easily said, but how should they go about it?

In short, make your best app ever. Brands should focus on improving the primary mobile tool that consumers use: apps. According to comScore the app market is growing and becoming increasingly engaging.  Users spend the majority of their time on their phone using apps. It accounts for almost 90% of the time.

So brands should focus on making their best app ever: agile, easy to use, smart, fast, flawless.

This is especially important because consumers are using their phones to shop online, and are increasingly using apps to do so. In Italy, 11.2 % of consumers use apps for shopping, catching up with the 16.4 % using a browser.

And Italian mobile usage is at the low end of the scale, with mobile internet access growing around the world.

In the US more than eight out of ten internet users regularly access the internet via mobile. According to the latest data by eMarketer in 2017 only 17.9 million consumers will access the internet via a computer, down from 20.3 million in 2016.

And other figures confirm this trend. In 2017 the number of mobile-only users is 40.7 million, up from 36.6 million in 2016. And it seems that the number of these mobile-only users will grow over the next few years reaching 52.3 million in 2021.

So even though we may use a laptop at work, it’s a fact that consumers view almost everything on mobile. This is explained by Mitch Joel, President at Mirum in his interesting open letter to brands.

To conclude, it’s enough to say that mobile is here and brands needs to move fast!

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Aldo Agostinelli