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Brand value is rocketing and for the first time in history we are not only talking about western brands. The report entitled “BrandZ Top 100 – Most Valuable Global Brands” published by WPP e Kantar Millward Brown provides a recap of the situation. In the first ten positions  we can find seven technological and digital brands and it is no surprise that  Google came first (increasing its worth by +23%, i.e. 302,1 billion dollars), Apple came second (+28%) and Amazon (+49%) came third, whereas the fact that the ninth position is held by the Chinese giant  Alibaba, recording an astonishing +92%, is actually a first. China is also represented by other brands, 14 actually, and this is the first time foreign brands have not only grown more than American ones, but have actually “lapped” them. More specifically, Chinese brands have achieved +47%, against their American rivals’ +23%. (Read the article in Italian)

Except for China, Asia is also represented by seven more brands from India and Indonesia recording an overall  +14%, including some new entries such as the Regional Indonesian Bank, the first brand from that country in the list, ranking 99th in the chart.

Broadly speaking, despite overall unstable financial and political trends, in 2018 the ranking has piled up over 750 billion dollars, equaling an unprecedented increase of 21%, to the benefit of all categories included in the report. A real record (Brands value according to the BrandZ Top 100 chart).

The 100 brands in the list have taken advantage of the integration among brand building, data-driven technologies and creative marketing, and an increased attention for customization and digital engagement used to attract and involve young people, Millennial in primis.

Four main trends have emerged from the survey : the first is that AI and augmented reality have allowed big brands to evolve and remain “young and lively”, and consequently important for consumers.

Partnerships established by brands and various entities have been crucial for maximizing businesses potential. Thanks to such partnerships, brands have consistently improved their  customer experience, both online and offline, from the purchasing stage to deliveries.

Brands dealing with technology hold the top positions in the chart and also account for 56% of the Top 100 total worth. Finally, retailing, led by e-commerce brands, has proven to be the fastest growing sector, recording a +35% of its worth over the past 12 months.

However the most significant data which emerged is that  the most successful brands are those focusing on their customers, which have been trying to understand and satisfy their needs.

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Aldo Agostinelli