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Mirroring B2C engagement strategies and apply them to B2B: at the time of targeting, big data and two-way communications between producers and buyers, B2B must innovate its strategy for the positioning of their brand onto the market.

B2B marketers shall also start thinking about customizing their contents: messages shall be targeted to accounts involving purchasing managers and not to general accounts, so that they can be turned into real business opportunities. Forbes has especially insisted on this, recommending the use of the most B2B oriented social platforms, such as LinkedIn, actively involving employees in the process. A recent survey has actually revealed that when brand messages are also shared and reposted by employees of the brand, they record an increase by 561% (5 Marketing Trends B2B Brands Need To Follow).

The awareness of one’s brand value and the ability to communicate it to the world in the right way are also crucial.

Last but not least, a subject that has been already addressed also by this blog: investing in videos. As previously said many times, videos are extremely efficient in involving the audience, even the B2B one. According to analysts, by 2021 videos will represent 82% of the overall web traffic. And if B2C can use videos to keep the audience attention high with regard to brands, B2B should use them to raise an interest in sales channel and to build customer loyalty over time. The only element which is really valuable.

As B2B marketers have you already taken such strategies into consideration to increase customers’ engagement? And as customers, which are the factors which you find more attractive in a brand? Tweet @agostinellialdo.

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Aldo Agostinelli