How blockchain is changing everything from entertainment to smart contracts

Blockchain is not an abstract technological idea – on the contrary, it can have several different applications that can change the devices we use every day.

In the world of entertainment, especially the music business, this technology can be used as the core of these new interactive systems that are connecting producers to users. Read it in Italian.

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Big Data: the new challenge for automotive

You can tell a man by how and where he drives – and especially by what he does while driving: it sounds like a slogan, but it is what big data can actually do if applied to the automotive sector.

Big data offer a whole lot of information concerning how people use their cars. And we are not only talking about information concerning the vehicles themselves – such as wheels’ wear, fuel consumption per km etc. – but also data regarding drivers’ habits, the way they hold the steering wheel, their most frequent journeys, the music they listen to, and the petrol stations they stop at. Read it in Italian. Continue reading

ADV and visibility: more surprises are coming from Facebook metrics

After the recent troubles had both with regard to video metrics and Instant Articles, Facebook has opened up to third parties to outsource more specific and through checks. Advertisers have been paying more lately, but data are more reliable. However, reliable doesn’t mean satisfying: actually expectations in terms of visibility have not been met.

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What app developers need to know about Amazon’s 3 new AI services

Every day Artificial Intelligence steps forward. Especially among the big names in the high-tech business who are using it more and more for their sales and customer care services.

And, once again, Amazon is the pioneer in this: after revealing, last October, that they had implemented their Echo, the intelligent speaker equipped with a voice-commanded AI system, the e-commerce giant has announced they will release three brand new AI services , which are bound to facilitate the work of app developersContinue reading

Will online advertising be managed through blockchain?

Online scams are a pretty serious issue in the advertising world, causing annual losses up to 6 or 7 billion dollars every year. Cutting down on such losses would automatically lead to an increase in the marketers’ profits and in the collection of higher funds to be invested in digital advertising, to the benefit of the market as well.  Continue reading