What app developers need to know about Amazon’s 3 new AI services

Every day Artificial Intelligence steps forward. Especially among the big names in the high-tech business who are using it more and more for their sales and customer care services.

And, once again, Amazon is the pioneer in this: after revealing, last October, that they had implemented their Echo, the intelligent speaker equipped with a voice-commanded AI system, the e-commerce giant has announced they will release three brand new AI services , which are bound to facilitate the work of app developersContinue reading

Will online advertising be managed through blockchain?

Online scams are a pretty serious issue in the advertising world, causing annual losses up to 6 or 7 billion dollars every year. Cutting down on such losses would automatically lead to an increase in the marketers’ profits and in the collection of higher funds to be invested in digital advertising, to the benefit of the market as well.  Continue reading

What European marketers need to know about digital in 2017

Half of the world is online. Over one third of the world is now on social media. More than one in five of the world’s population shopped online in the past 30 days.

These the headline figures from We Are Social’s brilliant Digital In 2017 report. The weighty report (coming in at over 750 slides) is an essential read for every digital marketer and provides punchy statistics that will help you demonstrate why digital marketing is more important than ever.  Continue reading

Fintech and AI: Kasisto introduces financial chatbots

The fintech sector is looking at Artificial Intelligence with increasing interest. And this isn’t surprising. Indeed, Financial Technology has been growing exponentially: there are about 4,000 startups in the space (a conservative estimate, actually) and fintech’s value has grown from $930 million in 2008 to $12 billion in 2014. Continue reading

Why micro-influencers should be part of your influencer programme

In 2017, micro-influencers are having a moment. Until very recently, good marketing strategies relied only on influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers. But now, brands are starting to change course and making their established influencer programs more sophisticated by working with micro influencers too.  Continue reading