Video advertising: parola chiave del 2017

Il Video advertising è ormai il fattore chiave per qualsiasi marketer o brand che voglia centrare i propri obiettivi di business. Una recente ricerca di Zenith rivela che la spesa globale riferita all’internet advertising raggiungerà i 205 miliardi di dollari nel 2017 e segnerà una pietra miliare nel sorpasso della pubblicità in TV.

E se l’internet advertising gioca un ruolo chiave, il mobile è in crescita più che mai. Una conferma arriva dall’ultimo report IAB e PwC, il quale afferma che il totale di spesa advertising su mobile supererà quella desktop quest’anno e che il social media ads sarà fondamentale. Dati che trovano riscontro nelle previsioni Zenith sulla spesa per il social media advertising, che arriverà a 55 miliardi di dollari nel 2019. Read it in EnglishContinue reading

2017 is all about video advertising

Video advertising is where it’s at for any marketer or brand that wants hit their business goals. Recent research by Zenith reveals that global internet advertising expenditure will reach US$205bn in 2017 and will hit a significant milestone by surpassing TV ads.

And if internet advertising is key, then mobile is bigger than ever. This is confirmed by the latest IAB and PwC report, which states that spending on mobile display ads will overtake desktop display this year and social media ads will play a key role. This data is backed up by the Zenith forecast on social media advertising spend, which found it will reach US$55bn in 2019. Read it in Italian. Continue reading

Generational differences that digital marketers must understand

According to a survey conducted in Great Britain by YouGov, younger generations are willing to share their personal information with brands: as long as they can get something out of it.

Commissioned by Epiphany, the survey involved 2,029 people over 18. You can read the full survey here: “Understanding Consumer Behaviour”.

The survey revealed, for instance, that 24% of consumers aged between 18 and 24 consider social media a fundamental search tool for gathering information about what to buy. (Contrast this with 63% of people over 55 who think social media is of no use at all during the pre-purchase process.) Read it in Italian. Continue reading