• Open innovation 2020: in search of the most profitable start-ups

    Open innovation is evolving. The last report by  Mind The Bridge and Nesta entitled “Open Innovation – Outlook 2020” based on data collected through the interviews made to 36 CIOs and global Heads of Innovation, tries to identify the main changes occurred. The “open innovation” concept was first introduced in 2003 by the US economist Henry Chesbrough. In his book  “Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology” he claimed that “closed innovation”, that is to say the innovation process taking place inside organizations, was no longer enough to compete at a global level, due to the fact that the products life cycle was becoming shorter and shorter. He argued the solution might be opening up to research and external partnerships thus…

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  • Marketing: data concreteness Vs managers sentiment

    Quality or quantity? If you were asked what you would rather get, I am pretty sure, most of you would immediately answer: <<Quality!>>.  The concept of quantity, deprived of any specific context, is difficult to define. Quantity of what? How much? Referring to which goods or services? There is no doubt: in such a case quality is a winner. However, the situation changes if we refer to market research since, inside this huge container including manufacturers, the whole management world and final consumers, data rule. And if I were asked the above mentioned question, nine times out of ten I’d answer: <<Quantity>>. The difference between qualitative and quantitative market research is that the former is conducted involving a limited number…

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  • Best wishes!

    Dear friends who have been following me here and via my social media pages, regardless of what you may believe in, I wish you and all your loved ones to be blessed with peace and serenity. I hope 2020 is fruitful and rich in personal and professional opportunities. See you next January in these pages. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Aldo Agostinelli Leggi questo articolo in Italiano

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  • 2020 strategic trends: from the multi-experience to man 4.0

    A new decade is starting, and if the last one led to the development and implementation of some innovative technologies, it is now time for an overview of the ones which are bound to emerge in the next few years. With reference to this, Gartner has listed the ten most strategic technologies  which, starting from the analyis of the human context, IT leaders (but not only!) should monitor and possibly adopt. 1. Hyper-automation Nowadays, we can no longer talk about simple automation since the hyper-automation was born. It is a mix of different technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, robotics and managerial software, aimed at finding, analyzing, designing, automating, measuring, monitoring and reassessing whole processes. They jointly lead to…

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  • La digital Transformation

    The 6 fundamental steps of the digital transformation

    Corporate culture should be innovated before innovating technologies. The ideal digital transformation process requires more than the simple digitalization of procedures and mechanisms. However, first of all, people’s mentality and pace should change. Technologies are in continuous evolution: now we have AI, the 5G technology is coming soon, who knows what else the future may bring. If people, starting from managers and reaching down to all employees, are not properly trained to adapt to such changes, all efforts are going to be pointless. Businesses run the risk of being too fast or too slow and may miss the right moment to invest in one innovation or another, making  all the wrong choices. Big money and a lot of time are…

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