• Riconoscimento facciale

    Face recognition: banned by IBM and Amazon. Here is why

    An accusing finger has been pointed at face recognition technologies which are being blamed of being racist and of having been used improperly. So, after the crowds which have invaded the US streets, also the Big  Techs are getting into the way. Here is what has been happening in the West of the world, and the Chinese exception. Face recognition technologies are being banned. After  George Floyd’s murder and the consequent riots against the police which have exploded around the world, even the Big Techs are supporting the organizations defending civil rights and privacy, backing up angry citizens.  What is being asked is a law regulating the use of facial recognition technologies, stating when and why they can be used….

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  • icona della ricerca

    E-commerce and media convert 3 times more through search systems

    SEO and SEM are important but optimizing searches has become a real must of the digital marketing strategy of both e-commerce and media. Why? 43% of people visiting a website, do it through a search. Figures, data, success examples. How important is the search efficiency within a channel or a website? It is really important, or better, immensely so. We are not only talking about promptly answering users’ requests by offering them the searched products and contents. We are also talking about boosting one’s digital marketing strategy, increasing customers’ loyalty so as not to lose them. Lost customers (or readers/ watchers) mean wasting money. We often tend to invest a lot into SEO and SEM systems but if a user…

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  • Phase 2 for online and offline retail: what to do?

    After the lockdown, the shops reopen. But it is a return to a “new normality”. Which requires harmonization of the physical and virtual experience of trade. The tips to combine digital and real retail and some indications for digital marketing. We have just entered phase 2 of the Covid 19 pandemics which has stopped the world for two months. We are trying to go back to normality or, as the experts have put it, to a “ new normality” . Because the virus has not disappeared and we may experience new waves of infection. However, now the time has come for us to analyze such new normality so as to try and organize it. As we all know far too…

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  • Coronavirus: what people say through the social media

    Covid, Covid and Covid again: obviously, the Coronavirus pandemics has taken us by surprise and definitely caught us unprepared. And it has become the only topic addressed by newspapers, magazines, the radio, the news and, of course, online. A recent survey conducted by Awario focusing on social media analyzed millions of posts and tweets and has consequently identified the phenomena generated by the pandemics. The study has depicted an interesting scenario featuring some surprising elements and some less obvious factors we were not prepared for (Coronavirus on social media: Analysis + live data). The Virus spreads online From March 10 to April 1the Coronavirus and the words related to it appeared 14 million times on social media and in general…

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  • Influencer Marketing: transparency pays back

    A few days ago I was talking to some friends and colleagues about the impact that the COVID-19 pandemics would have on influencer marketing. Some claimed this latter has been in a sort of coma for a while, whereas others, me included, totally disagreed. Everybody being locked inside their houses with a lot more time to spend online, in my opinion, two elements were likely to appear: an increase in e-commerce and more power assigned to influencers – not all of them, only the good ones! – within their community. With regard to the first point, data can be found everywhere (E-commerce is rocketing: sales have increased by 80%); when it comes to the second, it is enough to give…

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