Social Media is about the people!
Not about your business.
Provide for the people and the people will provide for you

- Matt Goulart, WebStar Content founder -


I work at Telepass as Chief Sales Marketing Officer.
I am a firm believer in Digital as an engine for innovation and value creation. I love communication and dissemination. I have tried to decline them in two books co-written with my friend Silvio Mazza: ‘People are media. Il business digitale nell’era dei selfie’ and ‘Bling. The luxury of the future speaks Instagram, wears trainers and uses AI’. Two texts and a common vision: trying to understand how marketing and technology will shape our future. Not in 20 years, now.

I have worked in Italy and the USA. In San Francisco as Marketing Communications Director for HP. In Italy I spent 9 years at Sky, first as Digital Marketing & Sales Director and then as Chief Digital Officer. For 8 years I was Vice President of IAB Italy.

Education is fundamental. I studied economics and obtained an MBA at the LUISS Business School in Rome in 2001, where I co-founded the Mobile Internet Observatory.
At USF University in San Francisco, I was an associate professor of strategic marketing.
Following the always valid rule of ‘Never stop learning’, I am attending ESCP Business School in London, Turin, Berlin, Madrid and Warsaw. A way to engage with managers, companies and entrepreneurial stories from all over the world.

Digital transformation, digital marketing, big data, e-commerce, CRM, Blockchain and digital innovation are my daily obsessions. But, in my spare time, I love to switch off my computer, mute my smartphone and travel around the world to observe different realities and intercept the future in its many forms.

On Twitter you can follow me at the account @agostinellialdo

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