• WeChat is the new Gate to the Chinese market. How to sell well

    With 1,2 billion active users, WeChat represents a great opportunity for marketers to expand their market share. Here below you can find a step-by-step guide for opening an e-commerce on this ultra-popular app. In these days, WeChat has been, together with TikTok, the focus of a heated political-financial debate between the United States and China (China attacks US ‘bullying’ over ban on Tiktok and WeChat); however, it was not originally born as an e-commerce platform. Launched in 2011 as an app for messaging, it has evolved over the years by including some solutions for brands. Combining social media, chats and paying services, WeChat allows users to buy directly via the app. And thanks to its huge customers base, reaching up…

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  • Technology has invaded Italian school. Not without some difficulties

    Over the long months of the lockdown, despite the high degree of inefficiency and issues, technology allowed lessons to carry on. However, digital instruments are not limited to those enabling video lessons: if classrooms finally managed to make room for technology it could be a great opportunity for everybody. Here are some figures about Italy and other countries. Over the last months we have found out how crucial technology may be for school. Without Distance Learning, indeed, schools would have been forced to close down completely. Now with the new opening of school, it is about time we analyzed such experience and its pros and cons: can technology be integrated in our school system? And if so, how? Data collected…

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  • Punto vendita Walmart

    Walmart challenges Amazon: it’s all-in on ecommerce and GenZ

    The US retail behemoth is deploying a multi-faceted marketing strategy whose sole target is to conquer the e-commerce world. Here are their latest moves. Walmart is unstoppable: the US giant intends not only to keep its own traditional clientele, but also to take back those customers who “got lost” along the ecommerce way. And to do so, they have taken several steps which are taking it directly to a face-off with the digital market main players. Walmart challenges Amazon Absolutely not afraid of its rival’s firepower, the global leader of retail – boasting 11.496 shops and club in 27 different countries – has launched a new service. It is called   “Walmart +” and it aims to directly challenge Amazon Prime….

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  • Facebook Vs TikTok: hunt for rival influencers

    Mark Zuckerberg is trying to compete with the GenZ social, launching a new function which, alike the Chinese app, allows users to post short videos. And, in order to defeat the social competitor, he is trying to steal its “celebrities”.   On the one hand we find Facebook, on the other TikTok, the record-winning Chinese app which appeals to young people especially (with over 2 billion downloads); influencers are right in the middle. While the President of the United States is considering the opportunity to ban the Asian social network from his country, Mr. Zuckerberg is not sitting back; on the contrary, he is planning to counterattack to take advantage of the situation and defeat his enemy. Despite the problems with…

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  • qr code on smartphone

    The QR Code is back and offers new opportunities for marketing

    Due to the pandemics, the QR Code has made a comeback bringing about the chance to positively reinvent marketing. Here is what is happening. The other night I wanted to try eating out at a restaurant all my acquaintances had been talking about in enthusiastic terms. They were right: the place was clean, food was good, and all anti-COVID19 measures were applied scrupulously. But what surprised me the most was not the food itself but the menu. On my table, there was a small, clear plexiglass  stand protecting a QR Code. No pages which have been touched thousands of times by all previous, current and future diners; no paper sheet, or anything. I took my smartphone, aimed at the code…

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