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2018 is about to finish: it is time you found out more about the next tech trends. In a cloudy and uncertain scenario, Deloitte tenth report entitled “Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier” tries to cast light onto the main trends which will affect both industry and business over the next few months. We are talking about forecast, obviously, but they come from some experts and they can’t be ignored.

5G debut
2019 is meant to be the year 5G makes its debut. Telcos from all over the world have been investing into it millions and millions and, according to Deloitte, 25 operators, i.e. one third of the overall figure, will be able to launch services based on the new generation networks. Sales forecast concerning 5G smartphones  – telephones featuring faster data transmission protocols allowing the use of augmented reality contents and apps for telemedicine and smart cities – tell about 1 million specimen which are expected to reach up to 15-20 millions in 2020.

AI becomes democratic
Artificial intelligence is no longer a subject for experts or high tech giants only; on the contrary, it is expected to be used by companies, as well. Thanks to lower costs and a higher financial sustainability, Deloitte forecast that 70% of companies will adopt some kind of solutions based on the AI-cloud mix, while 65% of them will create some AI apps used cloud based development software. As a result, they will record higher efficiency levels and higher returns on investments. In 2020, the AI enterprise software penetration rate will reach 89%, while cloud based AI development systems will rocket to 83%.

China will rule connectivity
Future connectivity is not only an industrial issue, but rather, it is a geo-political one.  And, according to Deloitte, China will be the unrivalled ruler: thanks to its technological leadership and the presence of a users’ base of over 1,5 billion people, in 2019 it will become the market leader in the field of telecommunication networks, enlarging the gap with the other countries and thus, causing a deep transformation of the traditional business models – from retail to banking, to AI.

Smart speakers are booming
In 2018  smart speakers have recorded an increase in their sales of +187%, especially in the English speaking countries. In 2019 they will spread everywhere with a further increase of + 63%. The market of smart speakers equipped with a digital assistant will  be worth 7 billion dollars, with an average price per unit of 43 dollars and expected sales of  164 million units. If such forecast are confirmed, smart speakers will become the fastest growing connected devices in the world and, in the next 12 months, we will be counting 250 million of them around.

eSport is everywhere
Videogames formal competitions, the so-called eSports, have become a consolidated mass activity which can attract a wide, young and passionate audience. In addition to this, the related business, including professional leagues and broadcasting rights, tickets and merchandising has consolidated, too. In 2019 eSports are expected to keep growing, reaching up to 35% in the USA. The real challenge for traditional media will be finding a way to attract such a huge mass of aficionados. However, according to Deloitte, standard systems will not be enough: they will have to find a way to offer a series of immersive, attractive and involving experiences. 

Quantum computing: well but not so well
A year of assessment. This is how Deloitte has defined 2019 in relation to quantum computing which will definitely not become our new laptop next year. The big money, comparable to revenues generated by PCs is expected to come, but starting from 2030!

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